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Josep Lladós

Talk title: Reading of Population Records: A Digital Twin of the Past Societies

Bio: Dr. J. Lladós is the director of the Computer Vision Center since January 2009. Currently, he is also Associate Professor at the Computer Sciences Department of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and associate researcher of the IDAKS Lab of the Osaka Prefecture University (Japan). He is chair holder of Knowledge Transfer of the UAB Research Park and Santander Bank. His current research fields are document analysis, structural and syntactic pattern recognition and computer vision. He has been the head of a number of Computer Vision R+D projects and published more than 250 scientific papers national and international conferences and journals. Dr. J. Lladós is an active member of the Image Analysis and Pattern Recognition Spanish Association (AERFAI), a member society of the IAPR, where he is currently the chairman of the IAPR-EC (Education Committee), member of the IAPR-ILC (Industrial Liaison Committee) and member of the ICDAR Advisory Board. He was the recipient of the IAPR-ICDAR Young Investigator Award in 2007. Dr. Lladós has also experience in technological transfer and in 2002 he created the company ICAR Vision Systems (now in Mitek group), a spin-off of the Computer Vision Center working on Document Image Analysis, after winning the entrepreneur award from the Catalonia Government on business projects on Information Society Technologies in 2000.

Brian Price

Talk title: Gaining a Deeper Visual Understanding of Documents

Bio: Brian Price is a Senior Research Scientist in Adobe Research. His research interests encompass computer vision, graphics and machine learning with specific focus on selection and segmentation (interactive and automatic, image and video, binary and matting), document understanding, and image synthesis. He has developed technologies that have gone into many Adobe products including the Object Selection tool and Select and Mask tool in Photoshop, the Smart Selection and Auto Select tools in Photoshop Mix, and the Refine Edge and Key Cleaner features in AfterEffects. Recently, he has worked with the Acrobat team on document-related technologies. He received his PhD degree in computer science from Brigham Young University in 2010, and his adviser was Dr. Bryan Morse.

Marcus Rohrbach

Talk title: Images with Text: Visually Grounded Reading Comprehension

Bio: Marcus Rohrbach is a research scientist at Facebook AI Research. Previously, He was a PostDoc at UCB (University of California, Berkeley) at EECS and ICSI with Trevor Darrell (2014-2017), and he did his PhD at the Max Planck Institute for Informatics with Bernt Schiele (2010-2014). His interests include computer vision, computational linguistics, and machine learning and how these areas can collaborate best.


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